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We offer a large range of pragmatic solutions for both creditors and debtors.

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Next, Insolvo will come up with a strategy plan and a fee offer: the plan aims to solve your issues swiftly and efficiently. Insolvo is proud to offer fixed fees estimates on most solutions packages, because we believe that anticipation, clarity and simplicity are integral parts of our client relationship.

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Creditor Solutions

Enforcement Solutions

  • Security enforcements for institutional lenders, security trustees and loan servicers
  • Standstill arrangements negotiations and enforcement strategy
  • Security enforcement litigation

Committee Solutions

  • Creation of bondholders, stakeholders and other ad hoc committees
  • Creditors’ representation
  • Collective litigation advice and support
  • Strategic communication

Recovery Solutions

  • Assignments of claims
  • Provisional relief and seizing orders
  • Insolvency petitions
  • Insolvency claim filings
  • Follow-up with insolvency practitioners
  • Cost sharing agreements with insolvency practitioners
  • Management liability claim
  • Shareholder liability claim

Expert Solutions

  • Appointment of independent, external or forensic experts and ad hoc directors
  • Cross-border insolvency coordination
  • Asset tracking

Debtor Solutions

Judicial Solutions

  • Bankruptcy summons (Assignation en faillite)
  • Bankruptcy filing (Aveu de faillite)
  • Opposing or appealing bankruptcy (Rabattement de faillite)
  • Creditor claim filing (Déclaration de créance)
  • Petition for controlled management (Requête en gestion contrôlée)
  • Petition for reprieve from payment (Requête en sursis de paiement)
  • Petition for composition with creditors (Requête en concordat préventif de faillite)

Financial Distress Solutions

  • Liquidity and solvency assessment
  • Pre-insolvency filing consultation
  • Liability risks mitigation
  • Creditors repayment plans and standstill agreements
  • Suspension of payments
  • Controlled Management
  • Insolvency filings for corporates and finance professionals
  • Reversal of insolvency proceedings
  • Assistance in the course of insolvency proceedings

Insolvency Solutions

  • Assistance to insolvency practitioners and liquidators
  • Cross-border insolvency coordination
  • Appointment of external forensic experts and ad hoc managers

Bankruptcy & Liquidation Management

  • Judicial liquidator mandates and bankruptcy trustee mandates for regulated and unregulated financial institutions, investment firms and financial companies
  • Voluntary liquidator mandates in similar companies